Farmer Sim 2018 A Visually Resplendent Farming Simulator

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Fun Games | 0 comments

Farmer Sim 2018 is a farming simulator that lets you experience a farmer’s lifestyle in a virtual world. The simulator allows players to complete several activities that are part and parcel of a farmer’s life. The many different tasks include handling different vehicles and machineries like tractors, trucks, plows, seeders, etc. The simulator experience also includes managing crops and livestock like pigs, sheep, cows, turkey, etc. The simulator also includes transporting activities like transporting wood and hay as is done in real life. All tasks that are present in the simulator are realistic and come with several options. The premise of the simulator is to manage your crops and animals and sell them to earn money. Earning more money allows the players to upgrade their machinery. Every crop and livestock requires a specific machinery; and the more money the users accumulate, the easier it is to upgrade their machinery.


  • The simulator features delightful graphics which makes the complete farming experience feel very realistic. The machinery and equipment that have been provided in the simulator are just as functional as the real ones. The visual setting of the simulator encourages users to have an authentic experience.
  • The simulator is fairly easy to operate with simple navigational buttons and tilting controls that are present in the game. The operations of steering and moving forward or backward using the tractors is easy. Even walking using the directional navigators is easy.
  • The simulator comes with additional features that help in its performance that include low/medium or high graphic/resolution settings, ensuring fair performance across all kinds of devices.
  • The simulator allows players to harvest a wide variety of crops and manage livestock. All essential activities that are necessary to a farming experience have been provided for.
  • The simulator offers a weather system and a day and night cycle.
  • The option of sharing statistics with friends can engage users and thus create a competitive simulator user base.
  • The tutorial is also simple and easy to comprehend.
  • The simulator is inbuilt with several language options in addition to UK/US English which is good user-friendly addition.


  • The simulator has its own share of flaws that need to be worked on especially with the controls. The controls are a little rigid and requires the player to do heavy maneuvering.
    There is also a slight lag that is experienced when driving a tractors or trailers. Walking in small spaces with a 90-degree turn is also not a smooth and easy navigation.
  • The game tends to get a little monotonous after a while and it would be amazing to add more activities that can be done.
  • Though the overall environment seems fairly real with moving cars and day and night cycles; additional enhancements in terms of detailing the environment would create better visuals. Additionally, enhancements that allow players to operate in all kinds of weather including rains, winds and winters would add another dimension to the simulator taking its experience to another level altogether.


The simulator is a pretty good simulator for farming and has a comprehensive list of to-do activities that are crucial to farming. Though the controls can be made smoother, this imulator does give a fairly realistic experience to users. For users who would like to experience farming, the Farming Sim 2018 offers a wide variety of options. The graphics and visuals are very realistic and add to the user experience making this simulator a good choice for users.

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