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Find Bluetooth Devices near You with Snifferton

Have you ever wanted your smartphone to find the devices near you? It can either be for sharing purposes or for knowing who is spying upon us. It is always essential that we are aware of the devices that are closer to us when we are at home or elsewhere. As the name goes by, Snifferton sniffs all the devices, be it a smartphone, an apple TV or an Android tile or whatever.

Snifferton is a utility app that was published by Thomas Thompson and is available for all iOS devices in the App Store. Using this, you can identify any Bluetooth device that comes in contact with your device.

The app released on Jan 22, 2020 allows you to mark all the individual devices near you and lets you to monitor each and every one of them. The latest update made on 5, March 2020 comes with many updates on the app including the enhanced location manager usage.

Snifferton has a dashboard that gives the total device count along with the timestamp. The app also gives the info of the recently added devices. It lists the name of each individual device along with the signal it has. Snifferton includes the option that allows you to save multiple locations and have them synced with other devices. This facilitates for scanning the devices that come in any close location to your smartphone.

Software features of Snifferton are as follows:

  • Users can save multiple locations and have them sync up with other Snifferton devices.
  • The app allows for scanning of devices that are up to half a football length.
  • Users are alerted when any new devices come nearer to your smartphone
  • With this app, you can keep as many devices as you like to keep track of.

Snifferton is free for download but offers many in-app purchases and there is a promotional offer. The cloud subscription is still the same price at 4.99 USD pre tax per month. Available in English, it requires iOS 13.2 or later version and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app occupies a very less storage space of 1.1 MB and is rated to be 4+.

The interface of the app is so neat and cool and you won’t have any trouble using it. Go on! Download Snifferton this instant and get to know all those devices near you. Happy Sniffing!

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