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I recently attended a university forum, where I had a chance to interact with some students.

I discussed with about the common issues about homework, exam preparations, study material references and the common thought was that most of them look out for people around them using social media and try to connect with them to take guidance and help; however, most of the them do not get any success. 

I wondered if there is any solution to this common issue which is often overlooked by the majority of students

I turned to the internet and started looking for the answer. I found some apps in the appstore; however, those were offering standard advice and tips, which is anyway available in frequent university forums.

Recently, a friend of mine recommended me to explore the WeBoro App, which provides a platform to have access to a plethora of study resources posted by various students on campus.

What I found best about this app is that it allows you to look for references, notes, study guides around your locality, which helps in getting the best possible relevant notes for your exams or homework.

The app offers several categories, which makes sure that you get what you’re looking for.

How to get paid by putting your notes and study guides

Another best of this app that I liked about this app is that it rewards students who are ready to share their notes, study material, and ready to become a guide to others.

Anyone can list their homework, class notes, study guides, and lab reports and set the desired cost; and as soon as someone purchases your study resources, you get paid. It’s that easy.

New Features:

To further help my readers, I discussed the new features of the app with the developers of WeBoro. They informed me that they would soon be launching a paid subscription version on their website for a minimal price of $9.99 / month, where you can have access to premium content.

Additionally, they also explained me about their new service which is a 24/7 Homework Helper, where you can place your assignment orders via WeBoro App or website and get the on demand help you need. Visit the website (http://www.weboro.co/) and use the calculator to determine the cost.

My Opinion

I have explored several apps in iOS store and must say WeBoro – #1 Homework App created by WeBoro Inc is a unique concept which will undoubtedly change the studying landscape for peer to peer learning.

Check out the app below: