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Most people prefer to work from home owing to the comfort it offers them. Currently under the influence of the Corona virus pandemic, many countries across the world have announced a complete lockdown with only the essential departments working. In such cases, most MNCs and local companies have started to issue all possible assistance to their employees to work from home. In such cases productivity becomes low. People instantly take to the tendency that they are at home and neglect their work with no one monitoring their progress.

Ulassa is a mobile based app that comes to your help in these times. It can assist you and your Scrum team to work together as an agile development team for a better productivity during such crisis.

Developed by:

The Ulassa app is developed and maintained by ‘Agile Development Tools’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Ulassa’ app on your smart device such as your mobile phone or Tablets. The app has both free and paid versions. The free version allows up to four members connect at the same time from anywhere around the globe. The app aims in assisting you and your Scrum team in bringing together all members of the team for a better productivity. When you go for a paid version of the app, it allows you to have multiple team space for each different project. In this case, the project discussion can be attended by multiple numbers of team members. The person who has the account of the subscriber is automatically assigned the Scrum master. The future development of the app aims in improving may different issues related to remote working.

Features of the app:

Ulassa app has many features that are listed here.

  • Smart and simple work space
  • Remote monitoring
  • Better productivity
  • Enables efficient communication with the scrum team

Website : https://ulassa.com/app/planning-poker/

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