Flaap.io – Game Review

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Fun Games | 0 comments

If you have enjoyed playing flappy bird then you will definitely enjoy playing Flaap.io. The creator of this game has tried to keep the basic functionality of the game very similar, except you can now play in a closed room with all your friends or compete against players from all over the world. A concept that is very similar to slither.io or agar.io. To those new to the concept of Flaap.io let me just explain what a room is; you create a virtual playground (a closed group) where only you and your friends can come and compete in real time. The aim of Flaap.io is to get your “bird” character as far along the path as you can without bumping into the tunnels. Now, this may sound easy, but it so much harder than it actually looks.

The Controls for Flaap.io:

In Flaap.io, you have a scrolling background with obstacles coming at you hard and fast. Your objective in the game is to try and avoid the obstacles and get as far as you can. Since this game follows a scrolling background pattern you don’t have to move forward, only up and down. You have to tap on the screen to make your character take a quick bob upwards and it falls down automatically. That’s all you need to know about the controls really. Just keep tapping the phone screen to keep your bird in flight and flying between the obstructions. They’re pretty intuitive once you play it.

Pros of Flaap.io:

Flaap.io has an extremely flashy old school graphics which make it a delight to watch and play. Since there isn’t too much in the way of controls it is fairly easy to get started with the game. You can literally see your competition flying on your screen, which gives you added motivation to keep getting better. One of the best features of this game is that you can set up a private room to compete with your closest buddies. I am not kidding when I say that the competition truly does heat up making it super fun to play. Another novel feature they’ve introduced is that your character avatar changes as you pass certain milestones. As you continue to progress your “bird” changes shapes sizes and speeds making it a real challenge to move ahead. You can also perform tasks on the app to get different skins for your character.

Cons of Flaap.io:

The game itself is super fun but on occasion, you have trouble getting the game to run. When the game does run, sometimes it crashes. One just one occasion of the multiple times I’ve played the game (and I do play it often) the pipes hanging down from the ceiling just did not appear and I was able to make quite some distance before they suddenly reappeared and cost me a life. Can seem a little buggy, but nothing that an update cant fix. What really get you though is the “fake” deaths in the game. Where you’re so sure that you did not touch the sides and you still end up face down on the floor. But that’s just me.

Overall an extremely fun and addictive game and thoroughly deserving of 4 stars. If only a few bugs could be ironed out, this game would definitely be worth the full five stars which I’m sure it can do. Download the game. You will love it for sure. It has got me hooked for sure.

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