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“KYO-YA” A High School Student in the Ruined World

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The girl was on a mission in that mission she uses to atone the sins of humans. 

What KYO-YA has seen.

One day KYO-YA woke up and seen that every single human being is not there anymore and the structure of the world has been changed the buildings are got down from the actual surface and the land is extended. Basically, KYO-YA is a high school student and he saw a girl when he woke up and she told him that the world is going to be end. KYO-YA does not believe that to along the girl for the seeing of other thing in the world and what is actually happened to this world is it really ruined or not. That girl was on a mission in that mission she uses to atone the sins of humans. 

Repeated die and Revive  

She dies repeatedly and revive against the atone of sins of humans she was on the mission to clean the world from sins. KYO-YA went along her to see the world and the girl who keeps to die all the time and revive all the time. When KYO-YA woke up and he saw he is in the room but unfortunately he is unable to move his body like he does not have a soul in his body to help him moving as he wants to move. As the name of the App clears that “Stand by You” means there is no one in the world they both are together where they are standing by each other but the girl is on the mission. Where she can die can die and revive by her own that means she has the power to die and revive. In this regards KYO-YA is the main character who has to accomplish his own mission. There could be a hard time for KYO-YA for the struggle to attain the actual world back as he was before.

Pros and Cons

There are the many pros in this “Stand by You” because it is for the world recreation without the sins in the world and the girl is working hard for that reason there are many lessons for the general public that they should treat any individual for the better livings in the world there should not be any douche to anyone because everyone is the human and human has the right of being served with complete package of the humanity. Also, if you will treat someone with humanity you will definitely get treated as a humanity. There is always the good lesson to others to learn the humanity and how to live with prosperity and happiness.

On the other hand, “Stand by You” is leading to the end of the world which is having the more harassment to anyone who is afraid to die and who does not believe in the end of the world. Also there are some missions in it to complete and scenario is to start for the recreation of the world where a player has to determine the measures how to recreate the sinless world and how to develop the ruined world again. There are some missions to complete regarding recreation of the ruined world. That girl is trying to protect other and atone the others sins and you have to work along that girl for the accomplishment of missions.  

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