Towers TriPeaks: Classic Pyramid Solitaire – App Review

by | Dec 23, 2017 | Fun Games | 0 comments

Got bored and feel like playing cards? Oh my god! Got no partner. Don’t worry. Here comes the best of card games, “Towers TriPeaks: Classic Pyramid Solitaire“.

Sit, download the app, start playing and feel the theme of old style classic solitaire. Play it without any interruptions or disturbance because it provides you with an ad-free interface. Providing to you, the lag free HD gaming with realistic effects. So just immerse into the classic themed game parlour. Excellent sound effects serving as the cherry on the top of the cake. Just hear even a single swish of a card. Expert in playing? We do care about your talent and hence offer you with rewards scaled according to the level of your achievements. The complete solitaire table is served to you for free! Though, you can use in-app purchases to boost your experience and performance by buying gold or silver pack. The best part comes here! Want to compete with your friends or take them to your team to help you? The best integration comes here. Just link with your Facebook account and enjoy the experience with your friends.

After playing it and getting your hands polished, the game serves you with various tournaments integrated with facebook. So show your skills with the cards at competitive level and get rewarded for your achievements. Try to use the game earnings for the boosts so that you can win the games with ease. Make the combinations as fast as you can because Quick Hand lends you bonus points. Even your speed gives you score as the remaining clock counts. To give you more with winning, there comes bonus rounds for you. The game serves you with endless of game play turning out be greatly addictive!

The game comes out with an easy to use interface so that even the beginners can feel the essence of old style card games. The more you play, the more you get into the game and finally result into a solitaire expert. The hardness of game increases as you pass on the levels. So, it wouldn’t be a piece of cake for one to win the rewards. You need great brain and skills to reach to the top. Before putting up your flag, you need to compete with other players. To show your progress, your ranking is continuously displayed on the leader board. Cross the opponents to sit upon rank #1.

All these exciting features surely build a perfect solitaire game with a perfect combination of Free Cell, Hearts, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Club, Diamond, Tri Peaks solitaires or mahjong games in a polished retro style with a pinch of modern technology and gameplay added to it to give you the best of card gaming on the screen placed on your palm.

In this era of modernity, enjoy the fun of retro themed solitaire table with this wonderful game with your friends and family. The listing of greatness may take it too long. To feel it actually, download the game now at So why are you waiting?

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