After- Unique,amazing and a very useful app for all mankind.

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Imagine you receive a beautiful message from your father after his departure from this world. It seems like a fairy tale but that’s true . This app is all about such amazing and heart touching events. It also facilitates storage of valuable information from your family,friends and relatives which they want to convey you after their life.This app is a depth of innovation. It provides strength to the family.

It features private messages and important information ( in video form) storage facility. These messages will be stored safe and secure till you are alive and it will be sent to the concerned person after you die.

How it works?:-

It is very easy to use. This app is only available for Iphone users. After download you need to sign up and register. You need three trustees. They will provide information about your health to the app developers. When you are diseased you record your message and save in the app. When you are dead your trustees will notify us. If two of your nominee inform us about you death we will deliver the message you have secured with us to the person concerned. You can provide important documents which can help the person you want to help. This app help you to be with your family and friends always.

Amazing ??? Yes!!! This is how it works. You can store your first two messages for free of cost and then the app charges a very small amount for the successive messages. They amount is less so it can be affordable by all the users. This app is so easy to use. The main focus of the developer is to make it user friendly. The soul concept of this app is to provide a chance to convey your feelings, your private information to the specific person even if you are death. This makes this app completely different from other apps. This app allows you to contribute in the lives of your closed ones even if you are not in this world.


Easy to use, Available for free, user friendly. It also give two free message storage to each user. Messages are in video form which enables to give lively feel. Very useful for the family members. Your all info is 100% safe and secure. A next level innovation


As it charges after second message some users may not be find it ok for them but trust me once you recognise its importance you gonna use it without any problem. Price doesn’t matter when memories are priceless.


This is a very useful app. It will help you to be with your beloved once even if you are not together with your family and friends. One must use it because of its exclusive features. No such app has ever been developed. No doubt it is a result of deep thinking and new technology. I believe the importance of this app will be recognise by all. I am sure it will reach to one and all and will be loved by all.

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