Send Overnight Mail – Web App Review

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‘Send overnight mail’ is a web app used to send documents fast anytime you need without leaving the desk. Whether you are a lawyer sending documents, a manager who wants to send files, a doctor who is applying for licence to a builder who wants to send an invoice, receipts Send Overnight Mail is the best option. Sending mail through this web app is very easy.


This web app have many unique and good features. The following are the features of this web app:

1) This web app allows you to upload the documents (PDF Files) from your system. If the file you are willing to send is not in your system but in your drop-box you can log-in and select the file within the app.

2) This web app doesn’t ask for any subscriptions. One can use this web app without even creating any account.

3) This website allows you to upload and send many files at a time.

4) This web app provides multiple delivery options depending on our budget and timeline we choose.

5) A conformation mail is sent for easy tracking of the envelope to the sender and as well as the receiver.

6) Payments are done through secure portals and secure websites like Stripe & Paypal.

7) This app never saves your credit card or bank details.


This app is made user-friendly and using this app is very easy.

1) After opening the app, there is an option on the top which says GET STARTED. Click the option.

2) Then two options are displayed: FROM THE COMPUTER; DROPBOX.

  1. a) If the file you want to send is in the computer click from the computer option. Then a dialog box will open showing the various folders of your computer, search for the file you want to send. Select the file and then click open.
  2. b) If the file you want to send is in your drop box, clock on Dropbox option. Then a dialog box appears asking into your Dropbox account. Enter your log-in details and sign-in into your Dropbox account. Then search for the file you want to send and select the file and click open.

3) After selecting the desired file, click on the recipient button which is present on the top right side of the page.

4) Fill in the details of the recipient (name, address, city, zip code, company name {if any}, state, country {only USA at the moment})

5) After filling the details click on the senders button which is present on the top right side.

6) Fill in the details of the sender and press confirm.

7) Then select the date and time at which you want the file to be delivered. Then press pay and send.

8) Then select the payment method. Sign-in into your Paypal account, pay the money.


This app is the fastest way to send your documents.

There is no need to subscribe or sign-in.

Payments are done through secure portals.


This app is not available outside the US.

PDF is the only format in which you can send the files


This is the best app to sent files in a short span with minimum pricing without moving from the desk. I personally suggest people to use this app.

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