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LifeTimes of celebration – App Review

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A reminder of an event will take place at the propitious time. It can also be linked with a Facebook account.

New technologies have come with adverse states. Developers have dwelt creative to enhance our daily lives. Android apps have been designed to attain certain objectives. Some of these designs have commonalities. What matters is the adverse features an app bears. The LifeTime of Celebrations is an app that is worth for diverse people. It is entirely meant to create reminders for lifetime celebrations. We encounter peculiar events in life. Some are joyful while others are sorrowful. Most of these events crave a special remembrance of our lives. It is also clear that people encounter different busy days. This often makes us not recall some events of life like birthdays or other celebrations. Having an app where you keep all events in the palm of your hand is worthwhile. This review presents an overview of LifeTime of Celebrations app.


The LifeTime of Celebrations is fitted with unique attributes that make days, months and years. Along the way, people normally encounter different milestones that they cosset. This feature aids in understanding the spell to or past an event. Using this specialization of timeframe, it is sheer for you to get prepared for a celebration. LifeTime of Celebrations the most treasurable milestones that people celebrate mostly in lives.

The LifeTime of Celebrations will keep a track of these events in a meaningful manner. This app tracks these events in time-based manner. People often consider their celebrations in anniversaries or so. What about the minutes, days or hours? This app gives a track of these events bearing all these time attributes. The LifeTime of Celebrations has automated telling that are enabled when a user opens it.

The LifeTime of Celebrations is able to adjust automatically from the previous date of an event to its current. An advanced technology has been integrated to ensure it automatically adjusts even when you list a new zone. This compensation of time differences enhances the user experience. A reminder of an event will take place at the propitious time. It can also be linked with a Facebook account. People from here can send their congratulatory tones bestowing on the life occasion. Celebrate fully with LifeTime!


Its interface is appealing and very fast. The primary advantage of LifeTime of Celebrations is it arrests the adverse date of events to your knowledge. This ensures that people are able to attend to the ideal thing at the opportune time. It is more liberal to deduce what you are obliged to do next. The LifeTime of Celebrations has a feature that also enables previous events to be added. People want to celebrate their past events as well as other oncoming ones. Most significant, its reminders ensure a person is competent to honor their celebrations. Its capability to connect to other social sites such as Facebook is superb. Besides, it has incorporated a Multilanguage feature that could train diverse users.


This application has not incorporated sign-in security measures. Anyone can use the app that could alter your lifetime celebrations. It is a notable drawback.


The LifeTime of Celebrations is an efficient Android app for event location. Events are clearly traceable and a reminder will ensure the celebration is done. Nevertheless, the developer should incorporate an appropriate security measure.

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