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PalmistryHD android app: App Review

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PalmistryHd is one of the best application available on the play store that will help you to understand and deal with your future.

Do you believe in the horoscope and palm reading? Well, if your answer is yes, today I will introduce and review an excellent android app for you.

PalmistryHd is one of the best application available on the play store that will help you to understand and deal with your future. It’s one of the finest fortune telling application.

Whether it’s about your married life, loneliness, lifespan, health or career choices and success, this app will help you to know everything.


Its working is really easy to understand. First of all, you will have to click a picture of your palm. That picture of your palm will then get analyzed by the application. This application has an excellent biometric algorithm to analyze your palm automatically within the fraction of seconds, or sometimes it may also take few minutes to analyze. Once the analyzation process will finish, you will be able to check your palm reading immediately. That’s it.

Here is something that will help you to understand palm reading really well.

  • Life Line: It describes your physical health, wealth and critical life changes.
  • Heart Line: It will describe your emotional behavior and relationship aspects.
  • Head Line: It will describe your thinking ability, learning ability and the way you communicate.
  • Fate Line: It will describe the extent up to which your life is affected by the things and factors that are/ was not in your control.

Overall, this app has everything thing to describe your future. Love, money health, happiness, career, success, these are some of the topics that are covered in this application.


This app has two excellent features that you will surely love. Its features are as follows:

Palm Reading Algorithm: This feature will help you to know your own personality, character traits on the basis of your size, shape, figure, and lines of your fingers and hand. However, palm reading can be divided into two branches. The first branch is Chiromancy and the second branch is Chirognomy. Chiromancy deals with your palm lines and Chirognomy deals with the shape of your hand, and color, size, and shape of your fingers, palm and hand.

Daily Horoscope: It’s another excellent feature of this app. It will explain you your luck factors, what’s good, whats bad, probably what can happen on a particular day etc.

  • It’s an easy to use application
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • It offers daily horoscope
  • Excellent palm reading
  • High accuracy


There is nothing in this app that can annoy you or displease you. However, if you want to access all feature and get high accuracy, you will have to buy its pro package. Other than this, it’s a great app with no negative points.


Overall, it’s a great app to know and deal with your feature. Also, you will get the free daily horoscope for one month. However, if you want to use all of its features, you will have to invest. Well, that’s not an issue as every quality service is not free in this modern world. I will recommend you to try this app and if you want you can buy its pro package to get more satisfactory experience.

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