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You don’t need to cover yourself for a long time in a solitary language. There generally comes a point in any language student’s undertakings when they at long last level and become ill of the illustrations. You can either barrel through that stage, or you can revive yourself by getting into another language.

Try not to consider it stopping, consider it gainfully diverting your language learning energies. What’s significant is that you can have a few language “courtesans” as an afterthought. It keeps things fascinating. This functions admirably for dialects that are so unique, they resemble a much-needed refresher.

The cerebrum resembles a muscle. The more you use it, the keener and more grounded it gets. Multilingual individuals enjoy the benefit of possessing brainpower that is looking great. The advantages of exchanging this way and that between dialects are precious. If you need your children to have an early advantage throughout everyday life, begin them youthful making a course for learning different dialects. That being said, learning more than each language, in turn, requires cautious preparation and an amazing system.

Learn to speak a language with our AI tutors. We help you speak confidently with our conversation first approach. We cover everything you need to be speaking in your new language; including new vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation feedback and all the other language tools you expect.

What’s new?

Grammar cards
– Learn and master the grammatical structures with these cards that explain what you need to learn when you need it.

Culture cards – Gain cultural insights and understanding through these new cards that will help you understand more about the country and people that speak your selected language.

Step-by-step support – When it comes to long or complex replies, our AI will break down everything for you. Step by step until you master your new language.

Want to learn Spanish?

We can take you across Spain or Latin America with our AI tutors. We teach you how to speak either Mexican Spanish or Castilian Spanish from Spain. Don’t worry if you have never spoken Spanish before as our tutors will start from the very beginning. Already know a little? Then we also have conversations for you that will help you improve your language skills to new heights.

Or is trying to learn Japanese more your style?

Meet our virtual tutors Mizuki, Satoshi, Miho, Maiko, Takumi, and Shun, and start speaking Japanese with them to practice your conversation skills as you explore Japan and learn more about Japanese culture.

Love the way Japanese writing looks? So do we. That’s why we teach you how to learn the three writing scripts hiragana, katakana and kanji. We help you learn over 2,000 kanji, covering N5 to N1, so you can reach your learning goals, whether that’s studying towards the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or just learning to read the web.

Ready to take your language learning to the next level? We also have Kaizen Languages Premium where you can accelerate your learning and have unlimited access to every feature, conversation and language we offer.


We will soon be releasing English as the next language on the Kaizen Languages App. More details are to be announced soon.

We are always expanding Kaizen Languages and are adding new languages soon. On our roadmap are English, French, German, Chinese and Italian.

Take Away

Try this amazing way to learn any new language such as English, French, German, Chinese and Italian just with your mobile by clicking the link below.