Smaterr Learning App

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Being in the techno world of education working smartly positions you better.

As teachers, we should use the resources wisely. N number of resources are available handy to work efficiently.  But picking the appropriate ones matters a lot. From online courses to podcasts to games, educational technology encompasses a broad range of resources that promote learning. Technology is allowing educators and students to plan lessons, revise, and self-study more and more as it continues to develop. Lesson design and lesson theory are changing as a result.

Traditional teaching methods cannot be replaced by online learning. Furthermore, classroom environments teach students interpersonal skills and enable collaboration as well as provide valuable pedagogical benefits. Combining these two can create new opportunities for students and teachers while improving the lives of both.

About Smaterr Learning App

Smaterr Learning App is an integrated set of interactive online platforms that provides teachers, students, parents and schools in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management. It is a comprehensive system enabling secure, app-based e-learning solution that employs a simple and intuitive user interface. Smaterr provides an excellent method of course delivery unbound by time or location allowing for access to information at any time from anywhere.

Smaterr Learning App develops Collaborative learning

“Collaborative learning” is taking place where our education platform and student collaborate to create a dynamic learning experience. The main motive of Smaterr is to make understand the lesson to the students in play way method, informative and entertaining manner.

The mission of Smaterr Learning App

  • To provide knowledge, skills and tools necessary to enable individuals and teams to perform to their maximum potential.
  • We envision an environment where learning is seen as a fun activity where teachers, students, and parents are engaged in continuous learning, communication, and collaboration.
  • All of these elements can be executed with efficiency through innovative and interactive animated videos, pictures, stories, games and quizzes applied in learning.

Take Away

Through the web, in any case, we presently approach many various sorts of instructive assets, from sites to instructive games, web recordings and book recordings. This is hugely gainful to the students who utilize a particular learning style to submit data to memory. These can either be utilized by educators to make illustrations appeal to all various sorts of students, or they can be searched out by understudies at home for extra assistance with their investigations.