Koko: The Tribe Has Spoken

by | Oct 31, 2017 | General Apps | 0 comments

What’s good? These are some of the first words that greet any new user to the Koko dating app. Anyone familiar with recent pop-culture will immediately be aware of this cheeky provocation, which suggests that plenty of flirty banter and rapport may very well be at hand. For the uninitiated, the app’s team does a very efficient job of making that clear. Users are told to let loose and get their flirt on. The app has clear intentions backed up by their sultry, tropical branding that remind one of a Survivor episode.

So, how does it work? As usual you sign up using your email or Facebook and identify your preferences. Once this is done you get taken straight to the Tribe section of the app. This is laid out like a smartphone gallery and seems relatively intuitive with each ‘window’ being a potential match which shows off their pictures, age and distance from your location (you can even filter results by height). By clicking on the window, one can vote for the person of their choice by holding down a diamond-shaped button at the lower center of the screen — the longer you hold down, the more interested you are. If that user reciprocates with a similar level of vote, then you two have a Crush and can chat for free. To chat without a crush, you’ll need to access the paid features of the app.

But wait, there’s more. Right at the bottom of your screen you’ll find a task bar-style layout, and here is where Koko sets itself apart from your run-of-the-mill app. Next to Tribe, users will find the Quiz section with topics like leisure, food, travel, personality, and fashion. Each completed quiz will generate a personality type (for example, think StarChef for serious foodies) which can help prospective matches to make a more informed decision about you.

The next tab, Vote, is a straightforward section where you can vote on new users, although it isn’t exactly clear why this is different from the Tribe area. Following this we have a Chat section and a Me section, respectively. The profile section offers some nice nuances. You can view your most recent crushes, votes in your favor, and upgrade to the premium Koko+. You indicate whether or not you smoke, how tall you are, your body type, and a little motivation as to why anyone should vote for you.

In the interests of simplicity, here is a breakdown of Koko.


  • Fun, tropical theme.
  • Sassy style and attitude.
  • Many and varied options.
  • Decent size community.


  • Too many options at times.
  • Layout unnecessarily bloated.

Koko is efficient at letting you know the point: meeting and flirting with people who match your tastes. The app is all about fun and games and putting yourself out there, which will definitely appeal to the more outgoing, but may serve to either alienate or spur on more introverted users. The first impression of the layout is that it works quite well, but after spending a bit more time with it, it revealed even more small sections — this has the potential to be quite confusing and some users may not get the most out of the experience. Koko is fun, but has some problems to fix before we can all vote in its favor.

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