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With this app the use of your iPhone will simplify the usage of the iPhone and another benefit is that you will avoid purchasing stolen or blacklisted iPhones.

To purchase a phone can often be a tricky decision and gathering all useful information is of vital importance. Recent technology upgrading methods have created the application IMEI checker pro, thus making the whole process simple for the buyers. The basic use of this information is a simple check-up of
various information based simply on the IMEI number. With the IMEI number the role is to identify the iPhone legitimacy you have. Many such check-up applications exist on the market, however this one has proven to be the premium iOS app.

User benefits of the IMEI checker

Majority of people purchase phones that were already unlocked straight from the factory since the serial number is not checked aforehand. With this app the use of your iPhone will simplify the usage of the iPhone and another benefit is that you will avoid purchasing stolen or blacklisted iPhones.

The features

*This app allows a two-way of inserting input for users to see and check their own IMEI info.

*Several parameters can be checked by the users at the same time

*The user is enabled to see the quantity of check-ups on the IMEI number previously

* All results are provided in the shortest time possible, so it is time-efficient.

What kind of information are provided with the IMEI checker pro?

This app offers the following:

  • An IMEI number
  • Number of the iPhone model
  • If your iPhone has a warranty or not
  • A serial number for the product
  • An iCloud status
  • Exact purchase date
  • A device lock status options
  • Original buyer
  • Initial carrier name

Downloading and importance of the features

This app is of course available on the Apple store and it can be downloaded at any desired time. The only thing needed is internet connection and obviously, an Apple mobile device such as iPad or iPhone.

It is a known fact that mobile devices are all the time re-sold or sold constantly. The IMEI checker makes the buyer more informed of the capabilities the phone has. For example, purchasing stolen devices might place the buyer in a legally complicated situation, whereas purchasing a locked device can certainly complicate future resales of the same device.


  • Providing relevant information for assisting a well-informed purchase
  • Saving time and costs while purchasing it
  • Gives accurate and incredibly fast results for various information
  • This app can check also Samsung, Alcatel, HTC and LG devices apart from Apple devices.


  • Requiring internet access for proper working and functioning
  • Prior using the app, the user must purchase credits before it uses the app for any kind of check-up

Final verdict

Regardless if the user is in the business of selling Apple devices or purchasing them, this app can save money and time, and this is guaranteed. As a user, you can avoid purchasing stolen phones. The greatest benefit concluded is that with this app, you as user have increased security, avoid future legal issues. This application will also provide an incredibly fast toll-free service with 99% of accuracy.

It is advisable to use this application before you purchase the phone – this guarantees safety.
Simply purchase credits, get Internet access to use the app and it is ready for check-up use. Undoubtedly, the IMEI checker pro app is so far the best checker app that the iPhone market offers now.  

IMEI Checker Pro

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