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Created by Stork Studios Limited, Learning Colors for Kids is a traditionally educational Android app which introduces colors and their names to very young children. Associating the colors with various objects such as fruit and animals turns the educational aspect into a fun game for babies and toddlers alike.

With its simple but attractive interface, there are two doors presented on the initial screen. Tapping on the “Learn” door opens it to begin the lesson, and a mini game to help the child remember colors is behind the “Play” door. The lessons themselves are filled with high-quality HD pictures of three items which are the same hue as the color being taught. For example, a yellow chicken, a yellow sun, and a yellow lemon appear for the color yellow. Again, it the color is red, the pictures displayed will be a red strawberry, a red tomato, and a red heart. Tapping on these pictures will repeat the name of the item audibly. This teaches cognitive development (and adjectives) as the child learns how to correlate the various colors with objects.

 Aiming to teach the child nine different colors overall, each of the colors, fruits, and animals is clearly named in American English, French, and Spanish. Thus, a child can also learn how to pronounce the names of these items in a foreign language, but there is no additional grammar involved in the process. Bearing in mind that this is a kids app meant for preschoolers, this is a noticeable but negligible omission.

 Although there are no graphics tools such as virtual crayons which could create another angle to teach kids and turn this program into a kids coloring app, there is a mosaic mini game behind the “Play” door on screen. In this memory and logical thinking game, the child needs to match three paintings to their similarly colored frames. Simply dragging and dropping the painting into the frame is all that is required. If successful, there is a cheerful word of praise and an amusing animated mouse occasionally squeaks and peeps out of a hole in the corner of the screen.

 After only a few minutes every day, Learning Colors for Kids will effortlessly teach a child the difference between the standard rainbow colors of red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, and blue, plus gray and brown. The game interface is so simple and intuitive that young children should be able to play it on their own.

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