Live alone or know somebody who does? Stay connected & safe with DooriGo

by | Mar 6, 2020 | General Apps | 0 comments

DooriGo is a great example of technology being used for the right reasons. This peace of mind giving, potentially life saving app is available to download on iOS and Google Play.

It’s an app built to connect people who live independently with close family and friends, so that in the event an emergency arises, your chosen contacts are notified. The app isn’t a pain to use, it’s actually simple and can easily become part of a daily routine. You choose a time for the app to send you a text message, as well as a reasonable window of time in which to reply. If you don’t reply within that time, it notifies your chosen contacts that you haven’t checked in.

Not only will chosen contacts be notified if the user doesn’t check-in, they will be made aware of the last known location of the phone, especially useful if somebody is travelling and gets into an emergency situation. Special instructions can also be sent to contacts, such as how to take care of a pet. The app can store encrypted information – accessible only to your selected contacts – regarding the location of wills, bank account details and other instructions.

The obvious use for this app is for elderly friends and family who live independently. It isn’t just for the elderly, though, DooriGo can be useful for friends who are travelling, spouses on business trips and family members deployed overseas in the military. For the friends and family of the user, a daily check-in goes a long way to giving us peace of mind. For the user, DooriGo can mean that help arrives quicker in case of emergency and the necessary arrangements can be made.

For more information visit or download the app on iOS and Google Play.