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SEO rank tracker is the most essential element that help us track and improve our search engine rankings. If you want to get the rankings of your website for many different keywords, monitor how your website performs for each keyword, you would always need a SEO rank tracking tool. Maintaining a strong position in Google rankings is definitely a must whether you are a small e-commerce business or a billion-dollar company.

What’s Wincher about?

Wincher is the simplest rank tracker for SEO. It helps you find the rank of the website as it tracks all the keywords and assists you in doing a keyword research. It aids you in monitoring your competitors, generate PDF reports and also do a lot more. It has many special features that you would love.

The special features of Wincher are:

  • It gives you then and there updates of your search engine positions and also your competitors position so that you don’t miss any ranking order.
  • Wincher helps you to do a better research in a very less time. You will also be able to quickly check the target keywords, categorize them and spot those that are prospective.
  • With Wincher, you will be able to export your data by CSV or PDF. The team delivers you customized reports to the email on every week or month according to your requirements.
  • Using Wincher, you can gather the keywords under different categories and get an overview of the ranking.
  • Do a keyword research and know what your target audience are interested in so that you can monetize them by SEM, SEO or content.
  • Monthly fees of Wincher is determined only by the number of added websites in your account. Pro users can upgrade or terminate Wincher usage as and when they prefer.

Wincher Pricing:

The price of Wincher comes at €10 per month for every first website and at a price of €3 per month for every additional website. There is no lock-up or credit card requirement unlike other rank trackers. Wincher is the most cost-effective solution for all types of businesses. You can also try the 14-day free trial of Wincher and in no time you will understand the benefits of using it.

The fast tool, Wincher helps you get your keyword rankings instantly using which you can tailor your site’s performance. Start your trial this week and keep an eye on your ranking progress with Wincher.

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