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Loopcv, the world’s first job search automation platform, assists job seekers in automating the process of searching for and applying for jobs. Loopcv uses machine learning and automation to find the most relevant jobs and apply on behalf of a job seeker using a unified platform that integrates all job postings from 20+ platforms (including linkedin, glassdoor, indeed, and others) in a single dashboard, maximising the success rate and minimising the manual effort required by a job seeker when applying for jobs.

It aids in job search research, but when it comes to applying, you may need to enter your own information. The automation tool is a fantastic product that we highly recommend if you are struggling to find and collect the right jobs in a quantitative manner. Loopcv uses automation to help you get three times as many interviews.

In 3 Easy Steps, Learn How LoopCV Works

Finding a job is a difficult and time-consuming process. They have created a one-of-a-kind process that allows anyone to get a job quickly and with minimal effort.

  • Create a profile and upload your resume.
  • Choose your desired job titles, locations, and a variety of other options.
  • LoopCV will search for jobs on your behalf and either apply for you or give you complete control over your applications.

Auto Apply To Jobs

LoopCV collects new job postings every day, searches for jobs in your desired locations, and applies for you automatically. If you do not want to apply automatically, you can manually check all matched jobs and apply with a single click.

Auto Email to Recruiters

They automatically detect the recruiter’s email address in a company and send a personalised email. You can use one of our predefined email templates or create your own from scratch. LoopCV will contact companies looking to hire people like you using this email address.

Measure and Improve

LoopCV tracks statistics such as how many companies opened your email, how many responded, and which of your CVs received the most attention. A/B test different CVs, experiment with different keywords, and use LoopCV as a tool to optimise your job search.

Final Words

LoopCV is the market’s first platform that completely automates the job search. Automate your job search right now. Never miss an opportunity.