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Contentdetector.AI is your go-to online tool for finding free AI-generated content. We are a cutting-edge content detection platform that specialises in identifying AI-generated written text material, such as Chat GPT, GPT 3, and GPT 4. Our advanced algorithms analyse the text and provide an estimated percentage score based on the likelihood that it was generated by artificial intelligence (AI) tools or software.

But wait, there’s more in this ContentDetector.AI. It is more than just a plagiarism detector; it also has a variety of other functions. Our artificial intelligence-powered platform can count words in text, making it a useful tool for bloggers, academics, and writers alike. What’s more, the best part? It’s completely free to use, so anyone can use it!

Salient Aspects of Contentdetector.AI

Thousands of users have come to rely on our application to detect any article containing AI-generated content. ContentDetector.AI is your go-to tool for ensuring the originality and authenticity of your written content, whether you’re a blogger, a student, or a professional writer.

So, why delay? Try ContentDetector.AI right now to see the power of our advanced AI content detection technology in action. Simply copy and paste your text into the text field and leave the rest to us. Join the growing number of satisfied ContentDetector.AI users who rely on it for accurate and dependable content detection!

What is the Process of AI Content Detection?

It is hard to identify any type of content, but it is nearly impossible to achieve near-perfect accuracy when detecting AI content. The results of Open AI’s GPT 2 model were combined and fine-tuned with the outputs of a robustly optimised BERT pre-training approach (Roberta) model to create this detection model. Users must use this tool in conjunction with their own judgement to determine whether the content was created by AI.

Will Google penalise AI-generated content?

Google will not penalise content just because it is generated by AI. However, the search engine behemoth has stated unequivocally that it prioritises high-quality content that adds value to users. If AI-generated content does not meet these requirements, it may not rank well in search results.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is compatible with GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. Even if GPT 3 and GPT 4 are the next versions of generative AI technology ContentDetector.AI detects ChatGPT-generated content with reasonable accuracy.