Magic Pin is the must-have app for passionate pin collectors!

by | Aug 11, 2021 | General Apps | 0 comments

Pins are a great way to celebrate your favorite films, and the pin collector market is huge! For passionate collectors or those looking to buy their first pin, Magic Pin is a must-download app.

With over 60,000 disney pins in circulation, this app is essential if you want to track down specific pins to add to your collection. From childhood favourites like Aladdin to new blockbusters like The Avengers, Magic Pins makes it easy to find the perfect pin. You’ll find pins depicting characters, quotes, monsters, superheroes and more.

If you’ve already got a collection that you want to sell or simply show off, you can build digital pinboards to present your collection. Take a picture of your pins and the app will automatically apply background removal and cropping to make your pictures look great, then you can arrange them how you’d like.

Other collectors can explore your pinboards, and you can explore theirs, filtering by brand, movie, character type and more.

There’s no other place that makes the life of a pin collector so easy. Maybe you’re not a collector, but you want to start, or you’re just looking for a very specific pin, the app has you covered too!

Download Magic Pin today on Google Play, App Store or via their website at