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It is generally felt that people find it challenging to keep an eye on a single sport. Though, what if you adore multiple sports? Interestingly there is an excellent sports app that offers updates of the same. TheScore app provides you updates about your favorite leagues from each sport. It comprises football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

In addition, the app offers instant sports analysis, and scores. It also consists of a built-in sports calendar using which you can know about the future games.

Salient Features of theScore App

  • Get Live score dashboard.
  • You have Tailor-made news feed
  • Mute notifications feature enables you to mute alerts of a specific game temporarily.
  • It enables you to group chat with other fans.
  • Offers multiple social media sharing options.

Bet Mode

You can get instant access to lightning-fast scoring updates and data (no more to pull-to-refresh), real-time odds, additional betting content and seamless integrations with theScore Bet app for fluid cross-app navigation. Also get activate Bet Mode from your profile page.


It is your personalized feed. All the content you care about from your favorite teams, players and leagues. Just tap ‘Manage’ to add, delete or reorder your favorites. Moreover you can set-up notifications so you’ll never miss a key moment.


Get live view of every game. In addition every score at a glance, updated in real-time. Just tap the matchup for detailed box scores, including live player data, odds, news and multimedia.

Chat & Messaging

You can check out chat and messaging features, assisting you connect with other fans around the games and content you love. You have Public Chat which is available in every matchup page, while you can also set-up group messaging with friends and family or just chat 1-1 too through the ‘Messaging’ icon found in the top right of the screen.


You can check out the latest news, scores, standings, and leaders for the sport you care about. It is possible to customize by tapping ‘Manage’ to reorder or even delete the sports you are not interested.

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