Manage Your Snaps with This Leading Photo Organizer – Simple Gallery Pro

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Learning Apps | 0 comments

Every single day, we gather a lot of pictures from everywhere. It can be the WhatsApp images, memes from your friends, your own personal selfies, and screenshots of essentials. In no time you will have hundreds of pictures, videos and files that occupy more space on your device. The herculean task of managing all of them can be greatly simplified by means of the app – Simple Gallery Pro. 

When you are ready to spend some money on a photo organizing app, I would suggest you – Simple Gallery Pro. This unique tool allows you to organise all the photos you own under one place. This assists you to get clarity on all the items you own in your gallery. It is an all-in-one platform with a clean user interface that makes file organising tasks easier. The gesture-based interface assists you in quickly processing your images that way you wish using the editor.

Simple Gallery Pro comes with a plethora of options. It allows you to copy, hide/unhide images, rename them, move them to specific folders, force change the orientation of the files to landscape or portrait mode, resize them and set them as your display picture or wallpaper. It has other different options like slideshow, create shortcut, show on map etc. The app creates a special folder for all your deleted files called the recycle bin. When you need to recover the files deleted by accident, you can find them here and restore it. When you are sure you don’t want the files, you can select and delete them permanently.

The app supports several photo and video types (RAW, SVG, panoramic, GIF etc). Using this, users can protect the app launch or specific functions by means of a pin, pattern or fingerprint. It helps you to toggle the visibility of the files and gives different options to filter, group and sort files as well. The editor helps you to enhance your image by transforming, adding colours or text, altering the contrast and brightness, and a lot more.

Simple Gallery Pro ensures that all your files are safe with them and they don’t sell it to any third parties. The app doesn’t need an internet connection, doesn’t display any annoying ads or pop-ups and that is really a great relief. To ensure you get the best out of the app, the team offers a refund of your money if you remove it within 2 hours time.

Simple Gallery Pro would definitely be a wonderful alternative to the default gallery app present in your smartphone. Simple Gallery Pro suits all Android devices that work on 5.0 or later versions and comes for a price of ₹49.

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