Sound Touch Lite – Animals app

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Children usually require something simple to learn or understand anything. For the toddlers, even swiping a phone can get a little crazy. Sound Touch Lite – Animals app is a mobile based application that relies on touch by tapping which is easy for little kids to navigate with their fingers. This app does not have a main menu which makes it easy for kids to go directly to the app functions without any tricky part. There are many things like musical pieces, animals, and other sounds. This app exhibits a great picture representation as well as the quality of the sound which is also clear without any interference. This helps kids to learn quicker and also within lesser time.

‘Sound Touch Lite – Animals app’ is a mobile based app that aims to teach toddlers and children to learn and differentiate with the sound of various animals and other objects all by themselves.

Developed by:

Sound Touch Lite – Animals app’ was created and produced by Sound Touch Interactive.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Sound Touch Lite – Animals app’ application on your phone or any device that is suitable. Now open the application and discover a whole new world of sounds just at the touch of your finger. Simply touch the screen for listening to the sound of the particular animal or object and you will be able to see the real life images of the animal or object.

Features of the app:

Sound Touch Lite – Animals app’ has many alluring features which are listed here,

  • Dubbing in 35 and more languages
  • Rotating pictures for every item
  • Popular classical musical notes
  • Simple interface
  • More features are available in the settings menu

Compatible with:

The app works on all Android and iOS devices. The app is also available on Amazon.