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Selling services online is quite similar to selling products online. For example- if you are a gym trainer, a dancer, a singer or a musician, teacher, advisor, etc., you can make your own portfolio and provide the services online. Isn’t it possible? Of Course, when the whole world is facing the pandemic Covid-19, people have no other option to earn money. They are socializing while distancing in these tough times. There are so many apps via which you can connect with the people and get the services or get a job for providing the services to people! If you are looking for such a platform to provide services online and want to take advantage of these services as well, then, Make Easy app is the perfect place for you!

Make Easy is basically a platform for those individuals who are looking to get services online or selling their services to others. It’s a safer way to connect with the people. You don’t need any expensive agents and time consuming administration. This app simplifies this process and provides your services to others.

To begin with, you need to get the app on your device. You can choose your profile type and tell something about yourself, tell about your services and create a portfolio as well. It’s your choice to be a service provider or a client. There are different items in the apps Menu such as Profile, Messages, Options and Search Icons. You can create your profile and write about you in the profile section. In the messages section, you will get notified about any texts you have received, the Search icons help you to search about a specific service you are looking for- whether a job or client.

Make Easy is a simple as well as easy to use tool. You can find the services you are looking for and provide the services as well. You can show your portfolio with good ratings and share with your clients. The app mainly provides services or hire you if you want something belonging to the entertainment category, such as Dance, Modelling, Entertainer, Music, and a lot of other activities. You can search on the basis of location also and create a group once you get the clients or get the services you were seeking!

Make Easy has been developed by Online Future Ltd. in the Entertainment category. It requires iOS 11.0 or any later versions of the operating system on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app is available in English and is recommended for the people above 17 years of age. The app is available for free on the App Store. However, it comes with 2 in-app purchases: Make Easy provider access @0.99 and Make Easy user access @ $0.99.

So Make Easy is an amazing platform for those who are looking for services or want to sell their services. Download the app today and connect in the safest way and get the service or provide the services to others!

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