Marble Jetpack – Roll and Blast through the Air and Defeat More Enemies

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Arcade games are the most popular of all times as they have a simple game play. These games come with consistent and shorter play times. The game gives you an adrenaline rush and an urge to keep going. Arcade games for mobile are now the most liked one by people. They give you an enjoyable and enthralling experience at the same time. One such app that I downloaded recently is the Marble Jetpack.

Offered by BB Electronics LLC, Marble Jetpack is an Android app that belongs to the Adventure category. The objective of Marble Jetpack is to make use of the marble provided to navigate around the different hurdles and collect all the stars. You must aim to collect all the stars in the various levels and shoot down all the enemies. The Arcade level of the game is available now for all the users to get gaming. The Challenges and Adventure are other levels that are expected to arrive soon.

The app comes with the control on the left hand corner of the screen. It helps you to move up, down, left or right. All the stars and enemies you collect and the numbers of lives you have are all clearly monitored at the top of the screen. The most relieving feature of the app is the pause button that helps me to take a break when I wish and resume some time later. There is also a quit or menu icon in the game. Marble Jetpack is so colourful and it gives you the feel of having entered a different world. It looks like you are travelling through a maze, space or mountains. The different levels of the game come with different power-ups. You must aim to complete as many levels as possible or else you should wait 30 minutes to continue playing.

Marble Jetpack is very addictive and I can’t stop playing since I downloaded it. It puts your hand and eye coordination to a test. The more the levels you go, the more challenging the game gets. The HD graphics and controls of the game are simply superb! It is suitable for all those in the family and is a great way of pastime.

Marble Jetpack is compatible with Android 6.0 or later versions and can be downloaded for free. It comes with in-app purchases. If you are willing to take an adventure, then let your epic journey begin with this best arcade game.

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