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It is experienced recently that the mobile app stores have shown us anything, it’s that absolute originality really isn’t that crucial. Actually there are countless spins on every genre, and what matters isn’t which app came first but which ones are most qualitative. For me WhatsApp Status Download developed by Jame Infotech is the best app you need on your phone.

It professionally covers all the features of downloading any images, videos or post from WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok videos. Also,if you’re primarily big fan of social media posts including image and videos, then WhatsApp status saver & video download is the right application for you. You can save from WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

By using this reputed application, you can save, download any images, videos or post from WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok videos including musically video download that you love. Now it is simple to save status, videos of any friends that you love the most. There is no need to ask him/her to send it to you. You can save from net and save from WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Musically and many more.

It also acts as dual App so if you want to save statuses of dual (clone) WhatsApp then you must create dual app (clone) of this app as well.

How to use the App: Download and Install the’WhatsApp Status Downloader’ in your device. Now open the official WhatsApp, go to statuses, and watch them. After watching the status, “WhatsApp Status Downloader” will show you all watched statuses that you can save, share and do many more. You can also download status and save any image or video file from WhatsApp company, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This app does not require the consent of the person whose status You’re downloading and keep complete privacy. Download status which your friend has posted.

Important Features of WhatsApp Status Download

  • You can Save, Share and Delete your friend’s WhatsApp status.
  • Delete not used status from long time.
  • Save, Share and Delete your friend’s WhatsApp business status for Free.
  • Save, Share, and Re-Post your friends Instagram post, videos, and images.
  • Save, Share, Re-Post your friends Instagram story, videos, and images.
  • Download any Facebook video and use it as you want.
  • WhatsApp direct – Send message to any WhatsApp number without saving number. You can also pick number from recent call list.
  • Download any videos from musically
  • Download any videos from tiktok
  • Save, Share and Delete your GB WhatsApp statuses for Free.
  • Save, Share and Delete your Parallel Space for Free.
  • Save, Share and Delete your Parallel Space Lite for Free.

It is stated that all paid features offered in free so why you want to Pay. So just download the Status Saver app and enjoy all features as Free. Eventually this reputed app is one stop solution for all of your problems and it acts as all social media downloader. There are many more features and settings are going to be added for benefit of users.

In case if users are sincerely looking for quality WhatsApp status download, status downloader app, WhatsApp status saver download app, status saver status downloader, download WhatsApp status, WhatsApp status download app then they can try this app developed by Jame Infotech.


WhatsApp Status Download is another fantastic app from developersof Jame Infotech that I will be keeping on my device. Also,I highly suggest if you are looking for distinctive WhatsApp Status Download features, you will love what this app has to offer.



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  • We respect the copyright of the owners. So please DO NOT download or repost the videos, photos and media clips without owners’ permission.