Measure Your Marketing Campaign With the Ultimate UTM Generator

by | Oct 19, 2019 | General Apps | 0 comments

One best thing about Google Analytics is, it has provided a way to ultimately track the marketing campaigns. What matters the most about using Google Analytics is that, it is not easier to use. We need some traceable links to be used in all our marketing channels, so that we can easily identify which campaign worked the best and which didn’t.

If you are an online marketer, you might advertise and spread your campaign through different online channels. It can be an email invitation, social media ads, external event promotion or display banner ads. It takes a little lot of effort to plan the structure of your UTM tracking links.

The best thing about is, it helps you generate your own custom marketing URL. All that you will have to do is to give some information to get the UTM tracking links. The website URL, campaign source and medium, the name of the campaign, it’s term and content are all the different fields that you must enter. An UTM is called as the Urchin Tracking Module that is added at the end of an URL. This small bit of code when added to the URL helps you to track a source, a medium and a campaign name.

It seems very easy to generate UTM codes, but you need to avoid certain pitfalls when you structure the UTM links. The UTM generator gives you the complete guidelines and basic knowledge about UTM links. It tells you what must be done when you want to measure your online marketing campaigns. The comes free for all of its users.

When you are dealing with a big marketing team, it becomes a necessity that everyone follows the same conventions in structuring the UTM. If you do not define and stick to it, there is a possibility of losing data when you create custom reports in Google Analytics. After completing all the process, you can analyze your campaigns by logging to your Google Analytics Account and following the menu: Traffic, Sources and Campaigns. As you select individually listed campaigns, you will be able to see campaign specific information like the campaign source, campaign medium and a lot more.

The most important element of marketing is being able to track your success and understand which technique worked well. You need to dedicate more time to the marketing activities that worked well. Generating UTM codes to monitor your campaigns is one great means of proving it and the is there to help you out in this.

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