New group messaging app rewards you for hanging out in real life

by | Oct 26, 2019 | General Apps | 0 comments

Bthere, available on Android and iOS now, is an app that encourages spending more time with your friends in-person. From group messaging and event planning to live location tracking, it’s the perfect app for friends who hang out and do things together. For those who don’t, the generous rewards system gives you an incentive to!

The app is focused around “circles”. You can create permanent circles or ones which only last 24 hours – ideal for a group of people attending an event. Once in a circle, all members will be able to see each other’s location and battery life, making it harder to lose your friends and make arrangements if somebody’s battery is going to die. Another incredibly useful feature is the SOS / Come Get Me button, which alerts all members of a circle of your location and lets them know you need urgent help.

You’ll be able to chat with each other and enjoy features we’ve come to love and expect from group messaging apps – the ability to send images, videos, GIFs and reactions to friends’ messages. Planning events is a breeze and, once you’re together, you’ll all start earning rewards. The app recognizes when circles are hanging out together and gives you all coins for hanging out. You can use the coins to buy exclusive bthere swag from the app, or enjoy generous discounts from their brand partners such as ASOS, Bird, Bumble, Postmates and many more (the list is growing quickly).

So much more than a group messaging app, check out bthere on Android and iOS today!