Woofy – The Perfect Tool For Your Social Media Marketing

by | Oct 26, 2019 | General Apps | 0 comments

Social media marketing deals with many factors like, the type of business, your audience, the platform you choose to market, your target and also a lot more. All of this cannot be achieved with ease as it takes a lot of time and effort. To relieve you from the tiresome task, the web app named Woofy has arrived.

Woofy would be one social media marketing platform that helps you achieve your social media marketing strategy without much ado. This web app comes with many unique features like AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology that allows you to produce very fresh and relevant content. It also greatly eliminates redundant and damaging content by going through the library to look for and give appropriate ideas with the help of it’s compliance marketing engine. Woofy generates authentic content from URL’s, RSS feeds, and other sources the clients’ provide.

It also helps us keep our campaigns more flexible by allowing us to collaborate with the team members. We can set permissions, get feedback and share with the client. Above all, this tool brings everything in one place by helping you easily organize all your social media networks in one dashboard. With Woofy, you will be able to do Instragram posting and other Facebook and LinkedIn activities without any hassles. The much impressive color-coding campaign schedules and design makes even your complicated insights a breeze.

Woofy comes with a pricing of $44.10 per month when you go for half yearly plan and $41.65 if it is an annual plan. Individual plan comes at 49$ per month. There is also a free plan with limited functionalities made available for you.

For all the iPhone users, the team has launched an app named Woofy Scheduler, using which the users can manage their digital content online. It would be greatly helpful to all those business people, brands and other social media users who want to give unique content to their users. It helps them manage everything under one roof. The discover section will help users look for new and exciting content and other awesome features.

The simplicity, usability of Woofy paired with the excellent commitment of the team makes it stand apart from other social media marketing tools.

With voice controlled dashboard, perfect analytics, hashtag lists, many team members, social accounts, compliance engine powered library, voice powered campaign launcher, autocomplete posts with words, emojis, hashtags and much more features, Woofy is definitely one ultimate tool for all your social media marketing requirements. It is one easy and efficient means to connect with your social media audience.

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