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Do you watch TV in this fast-paced world where we don’t get time to talk to anybody? Seriously, you watch your favorite TV shows when they are aired on the Television? Well, I don’t know what you do, I love watching my favorite TV shows, but, not on the TV! Yes, I prefer watching them when I get time and without less ads too! I don’t have much time to sit in front of the TV and watch shows in between the advertisements! Don’t you think it’s a waste of time! Moreover, I watch my favorite shows for absolutely free and in good video quality as well. You must be curious about the platform where I watch all that stuff. Well, it’s none other than Pick TV, which is an amazing app where you can watch any TV channel and shows in real time or watch them later if you missed the show!

There are a lot of channels from all around the world and available in more than 28 languages. This service is very satisfying for me because you can watch any channel without any cost and in good video quality. It’s a free-to-air entertainment app offering instantly enjoyable television. The app has been developed by ATM Infonet Technologies, Inc. and it’s compatible with the latest versions of the Android Operating System.

Basically, Pick TV is the portal to watch live TV channels on the Internet. With this app, you will not miss a single episode and enjoy your favorite shows just with the click of a button. There are different categories provided by the Pick TV such as Entertainment, business, sports, educational, shopping, religion and general TV.

On the whole, Pick TV is very easy to use. As the name suggests, you can pick any channel of your choice and just watch the shows in just a click. It allows 2 different ways to view the TV channels, one is a list and another is a thumbnail view. You can select your favorite TV channels for easy and quick access. The app gives you the opportunity to watch news from around the world and to compare different points of view and several news reports dealing with the same events.

Moreover, the app is absolutely free of cost and provide the videos in the best quality. Though it’s a real time video streaming app, you can also watch the previous episodes as well. It provides a huge collection of TV channels that are broadcasting live on the Internet. The live TV channels come from all around the world in over 28 languages.

Pick TV is a time saving app where you can watch TV and relax. When you don’t get enough time to watch TV, latest news, it helps you directly and just free of cost. The app is available on the Google Play Store. Get it now and enjoy your favorite shows.

Pros: watch TV shows; huge number of channels in different languages; real-time streaming of TV channels; good video quality; free of cost; easy to use.

Cons: none.

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