5 Free Percentage Calculator & Tracker Apps for Android & iOS

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No doubt, there are tons of online & offline applications in the App and Play Store. An android and iOS calculator is an essential tool to have on your phone, whether you’re a student, teacher, engineer, or an average person. A good percentage calculator app helps to make your percentage calculation easier and also helps you in preventing errors. If you are wondering about how to calculate the percentage then, don’t worry about it. In this article, you will learn about android and iOS apps that you can use to determine the percentages.

Free Apps and iOS for Calculating Percentage:

We have listed below the best android & iOS apps for you to calculate the percentage.

RealCalc Calculator:

RealCal is an android scientific and percentage calculator that you can use for free. When you first use this percentage growth calculator then, you will notice that it looks like a standalone calculator. This calculator not only calculates percentages but it is also programmed to perform the algebraic, RPN operation, unit conversion, and many other calculations. The best thing about this smartphone calculator is that it holds the results into its memory. So, you can use it whenever you are dealing with percentage calculations.

Percentage Calculator by Calculator-Online.net:

This one is a web-based online percentage calculator by calculator-online.net that you can use on your android and iOS devices via a web browser. The online percent calculator is the best not only to determine the percentage but also works great for the percent values. It uses the basic formulas to work out percentages and unknown percent values in the equation. You can also add or subtract the percentages by the given number. Display of the percentage calculation stepwise procedure is another great feature of this tool.

Quickey Calculator:

This android percentage calculator comes with a simple user interface that can be used by any individual. The quickie calculator for percentage calculations includes the features of memory keys, percentage keys, answer keys, etc. It is one of the best percentage finder apps in the play store that every android phone user can use for free. If you get bored with the old theme of your smartphone calculator then, use this percent calculator as it allows you to change its theme when you want. This calculator has two basic themes, light and dark, but you can also customize it from the settings.

Mathway: Best All-in-One Calculator App:

Mathway percentage calculator is all in one calculator. As it allows the user to perform basic math, trigonometry, statistics, percentage operations, and many others. This percentage growth calculator is free to download but if you want to get the stepwise calculation feature then, you have to upgrade the app to the premium version. Mathway calculator keeps all your calculations in its history in the respective category. The best part is that you get this calculator for free to use on iPad, iPhone, and Android. But if you don’t want to install it on your phone then, use its web calculator for doing the percentage growth calculator.

Calculator +:

Calculator + is a bit different percentage calculator because it offers almost everything that you need in a calculator. The user interface is simple and easy, so anyone can use it with ease. It looks so great on the iPhone screen which makes it a visually appealing calculator. It supports the feature of handwriting, editing, and many more. You can also do the scientific, fraction calculation along with the percent calculator. If you want to enjoy its advanced features, you need to upgrade it to a premium app. This app works great on the Apple watch.


In this guidepost, we have provided the information regarding the best percent calculator. You can use anyone from the listed above calculator to perform the percentage calculations.