Plant Nanny2 – To improve your water consumption

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Our body is filled with around 70% of water and the system of the human body relies on water for optimal level function. Water helps the body to flush out the wastes through sweat and urine and keeps the body from the accumulation of harmful toxins. People frequently forget to drink water and maintain the circulation of the body. ThusPlant Nanny2 Water Tracker, a mobile application designed to keep people hydrated by reminding them through amusing design. 

Plant Nanny2 is crafted for people who deviated from proper drinking habits and get dehydrated frequently. This app shows progressive changes with many users and it becomes celebrated among other health and fitness applications. Plant Nanny2 is developed with a gamified, fun-filled experience  Users could grow cute plants by watering them properly at regular intervals, through reminding how much amount of water should be intake through push notifications. It takes the daily activity level and weight of the user to suggest the amount of water that should be intake on daily basis.

This application provides a variety of cute little plants and users get to choose unique types of flower pots. With daily care of user’s water consumption, the plant grows up in their care as well. Plant Nanny2 comprises over a million downloads and is rated 4.7 out of 5 in the App Store. It got a lot of cheering reviews from users and also from critics. 

Astonishing animations and graphics attract the users and improve their hydration issues through the game-like activity. If they miss their glass of water then the plants become sad and exhausted, this makes people be motivated to stay hydrated for caring for their plants. 

Users are reported with daily, weekly, and monthly graphs of their consumption history, which gives a wide knowledge about the habit of water drinking and its benefits. 

Plant Nanny2 allows people to share the growing status of their plants with their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends and creating a Plant Nanny2community. The developer designed this app to work up with multiple devices which optimized for different types of screens including the apple watch. Also, it synced with Apple Health and sends the water hydration data to the health kit.

Plant Nanny² also offers subscription features. Users can subscribe to the daily hydration plan, an ads-free version that enables them to create and grow their own customized plant with a unique personality and dialogue pop-ups. Every user could have a 7-days free trial for the enhanced wellness function.

This application is designed with a creative interface with variant colors which gives a smooth user experience. And it is available for both Android and iOS smartphones with later versions. Frequently Asked Questions and answers are present in the app itself also users are supported through

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