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Every art finds its way to enter the hearts of admirers through the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and, etc. We find there’s a huge gap between this social networking and artists, freelancing artists have to be engaged with social networks to show their works to the world. GigMePro acts as a bridge between artists and consumers which is very unique among other social networks.

Artists, creators, singers, musicians, and professional dancers can acquire chances to get stages to perform with the help of potential clients. People merged their life with social networks and it becomes the best marketing strategy to be more successful in everyone’s career. GigMePro from Joshua Nicholson helps artists to find their clients in a single tap and also people can book performing artists for their special occasions with the help of this application.

Artists can create their accounts in GigMePro free of cost and they can update their profiles in their own words to inform about their artistic works fellow creators and consumers. Artists can upload their works like videos, photos, and statuses to attract potential clients. These can invite consumers to book shows directly with the artists through the app itself and not allowing any middlemen upon this, and consumers can choose the band based on their favorites.

GigMePro asks for joining as a creator or consumer and a separate interface of the app will open, Consumers can add their favorite genres and albums in their profile to attract various brands of services from creators. You are allowed to contact your hand-picked artists and book your dates directly with them, here the application creates a smooth business experience for both of them.

Reviews from the consumers can help artists to get more followers for their works and it can help them to spread their innovation all over the world. Social networks like GigMePro for artists were no longer optional but an essential tool to express themselves to the world.

GigMePro can help artists to create their brand of works and submit them to the world face to face. This application available under the Social network category on AppStore, and it requires iOS11.0 and later versions to work with. The privacy policy of the designer confronts that this app won’t collect any data from the users which makes it very secure to use. Users can clarify their queries regarding the function of the app through https://gigmepro.com/user/joshua_nicholson/.  

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