Protection Zone Management-PZM

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Whatever global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience this new app, electric utility assets management software. People were drawn not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone. What’s not to love about this app?

PZM aims to help electric utility partners develop and maintain industry-leading asset inspection and maintenance programmes. With best-in-class software and domain expertise, PZM offers utility managers comprehensive solutions and capabilities in a single, simple-to-use software application.

Today, PZM utility clients benefit from proprietary ‘Protection Zone’ and ‘Risk Matrix’ approaches and are dedicated to the continuous development of new solutions for the benefit of utility industry partners.

How Does It Work?      

PZM begins with an in-depth inspection. Inspectors are guided through the entire inspection process by the PZM mobile app:

  • When the following assessment is due.
  • What equipment needs to be inspected?

The questions are specifically tailored to the equipment being inspected. The client’s safety checks are more thorough and consistent, and PZM is uncovering issues they were unaware of. When an inspector reaches a deficiency, it is immediately ranked against all other flaws in the system and based on the impact of a failure.

This information can guide repairs by the inspector and the manager. The PZM method identifies high-probability, high-consequence problems, runs them through the PZM Risk Matrix, and then prioritizes which problems to fix next. Major outages, loss of high asset value equipment, revenue loss, and increased liability failures can all be reduced or eliminated by using PZM.

Risk Matrix

PZM engages a Risk Matrix as a structured method of risk assessment, employing the necessary stages:

  • Identify flaws with equipment-specific inspections.
  • Determine the impact of each deficiency if a failure occurs.
  • Calculate the likelihood of a weakness or loss.
  • The risk of the deficit is rated based on both the consequence and the possibility of failure.
  • List the deficiencies in descending order of risk.

Risk Assessment is the most key step in the Field of Risk Management Process.

The far more critical aspect of risk management is that a risk assessment is performed and accomplished as efficiently as possible. PZM achieves this goal by delivering deficiencies to the utility operator so that risks with the highest loss and probability of occurrence are handled first, and hazards with a lower likelihood of an event and lower loss are addressed later.

Protection Zone Management

Accurately Identify Risk

  • PZM calculates risk by combining the likelihood of an adverse event occurring with the consequence of that event.

Deploy Capital with Confidence

  • Utilize PZM’s Risk Matrix algorithm to direct your capital expenditure to the highest-risk areas.

Useful analytics

  • The electrical utility software from PZM generates reports and analytical data that can be used to save money, time, and resources.

Take command of your system.

  • PZM assists electrical utilities in optimizing their inspection and maintenance operations at all levels, from management to inspector to field technician.

Email Reporting Automation

  • PZM’s automated email reports will keep your Board and colleagues updated.

Simplify Your Processes

  • Remove the clipboard and paperwork. By identifying critical deficiencies, inspection schedules, and risk variables, PZM keeps teams on track. Everything is in the cloud.

How to Begin Using PZM

Request a PZM Demo

The software demo tends to last for 30 minutes—no high-pressure sales. The goal is to show you how the PZM software can save you time, money, and headaches.

Discover the PZM Methods

What exactly is a Protection Zone? How is the PZM Risk Matrix calculated? What deficiencies should you invest in? PZM will teach you how to understand your utility company better.

Create Your Company

PZM is a hands-on software company. Following your enrollment in PZM, a dedicated, professional electrical engineer will completely configure your system.

Important Features of PZM

  • PZM adds enormous value to your inspection programme. PZM’s instant reports display the information you can use to improve the reliability of your system. Reduce the likelihood of your equipment failing!
  • PZM’s Line Patrol programme was created to help power companies be more conscientious about the timing and thoroughness of their power line inspections.
  • The mapping interface in PZM is an excellent tool for visually mapping your devices, deficiencies, and upcoming inspections. Precise location data and colour-coded icons will significantly alter how you deploy your valuable resources.
  • PZM practically develops your maintenance budget and capital plan by identifying the most significant deficiencies in your system. The PZM algorithm prioritizes deficiencies based on dependability, replacement cost, and risk of an outage. The most severe flaws are automatically moved to the top of your list.
  • The PZM inspection programme gives the utility valuable information about how the voltage is distributed throughout their system.
  • PZM reporting assists engineers and managers in identifying trends and making proactive changes to the system before they become a more significant problem or failure.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a high-quality new app release with some originality, you should look into Protection Zone Management-PZM. The app is currently wholly qualitative for users to use with the best features.