Tobi Driver

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Tobi Driver mobile app is a full cloud-based dispatch system for NEMT rides. It provides a platform for Transportation Providers to collaborate with HMOs, Brokers, and others for all patient data requiring Non-Emergency Medical Transport.

This app is designed for drivers part of the Transportation Provider team. It gives them functions such as picking up patients, transporting them to their destination, and collecting payments. Throughout the day, the drivers are constantly informed of the Rides assigned to them. When updates are made, the application provides real-time updates. They can communicate with the base’s dispatchers.

Tobi Cloud has a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android and is a leading provider of NEMT software for scheduling, routing, driver management, billing and invoicing, dispatch management, and other operations. Tobi Cloud can be tailored to meet your NEMT Transportation needs, whether you are a large enterprise or a new start-up.

Tobi Cloud Advantages

  • Scheduling & Dispatching Automation
  • Optimization of Routes
  • Vehicle Tracking Using GPS
  • Integration of Billing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Attestations for the Trip
  • Management of Claims
  • Booking Site
  • App for Drivers
  • Reporting
  • Several Businesses and Fleets

Important Aspects of Tobi Driver & Tobi Cloud

Tobi Cloud is cloud-based NEMT scheduling software that offers a one-stop shop for all dispatching and scheduling requirements. It enhances the transportation operations of non-emergency medical, demand-responsive, and paratransit service providers. It enables NEMT transportation providers to improve driver and customer satisfaction while increasing efficiency and scalability.

Tobi Cloud combines scheduling, dispatching, reporting, and billing functions into a simple and comprehensive solution. Users can automatically schedule and dispatch personnel and vehicles based on optimal routes using its proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence. GPS technology is also used to track the location of vehicles in real-time. Tobi Cloud offers an online booking portal through which customers can book transportation services, make payments, and track trips from anywhere.

Automated scheduling and dispatching, route optimization, GPS vehicle tracking, billing integration, bookkeeping, trip attestations, claims management, booking portal, driver app, deporting, and other features are available. It supports billing company integration and streamlines the processing and management of bills and claims.

Final Summary

Tobi Driver and Tobi Cloud were created to help non-emergency medical (NEMT), demand-responsive, and paratransit transportation providers improve their transport operations. It employs a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to learn and analyze your company’s travel trends and patterns to provide the best possible routes.