The future of online clothes shopping here and it’s called TRYO!

by | Nov 16, 2022 | General Apps | 0 comments

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying some clothes or accessories online that you think you’ll love, only for them to arrive and they don’t suit you at all. Returning clothes costs money, time and isn’t great for the environment.

TRYO, available to download on IOS, is a new app aimed at fixing this issue. Using incredibly lifelike AR models, you can actually ‘try on’ clothes and accessories before you buy them. Shoes, watches, hats, glasses and more, simply select your product and point your camera at the right body part and – presto – you’ll be able to see how you’d look!

The app is especially useful if you’re looking to buy something you wouldn’t usually. Rather than take the risk and purchase something that isn’t your usual style, why not try it on first in the privacy of your own home? TRYO offers a great way to explore new styles. There are dozens of brands and more being added regularly, so there’s a lot to explore!

When you find something you love and you’d like to buy it, TRYO gives you direct access to the website so you can buy the item in just a couple of clicks.

So why not explore new styles free of pressure, taking your time and in the comfort of your own home? Download the TRYO app on IOS today and start trying things on!