Review API – Let Us Explore The Customer Sentiments

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Review API helps you analyze many things about your business. It gives you one access to reviews from various sources on a variety of products. Using these reviews scraped from different sources, you can understand your customer sentiments and gain insights on your business.

One cannot go down to each and every website and find reviews about their company. It is highly time consuming and might be more difficult to do so. Review API’s help you to get down to data as and how they were submitted with much ease. It helps you to identify the exact value of your products along with the comments and ratings given by the user.

What is Review API?

Review API is one such API that scrapes the reviews from different sources. This API lets you get an analysis of what the internet/users say about your product or service.

Common Review API Use cases:

The API is highly useful in the following arenas:

Machine Learning: Whenever you program data for AI, you need well structured data sets. Review API brings that for you.

Brand Monitoring:

Using Review API you can track user feedback over time and gain knowledge in order to make the right decisions for your business.

Customer Success:

You cannot neglect any negative user feedback when you use a review API. This helps to greatly improve your customer retention rate.

Market Places:

You can explore the areas that need improvement and then improve your profile so as to gain a great customer value.

Most Notable Features of Review API:

  • This API fetches reviews from 30+ different sources like Product Hunt reviews, Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews.
  • It has varied pricing plans to tailor the needs of different users. Be it personal, smaller or larger business plans, everything is here for you with Review API plans.  
  • An option to avail annual subscription is also available with Review API.
  • The team responds to user queries in case you have any at the earliest possible.
  • Complete documentation is available for the API so that it would be easy for developers to integrate it into their software development.
  • A free plan that comes with a minimum of 50 requests is also available. Utilizing this plan, you can understand how well the review API works for you.

Pricing of Review API:

The API comes with four pricing plans namely $24, 60, 140 and 310 for small, medium, large and extra large plans respectively. The number of requests you can make, the HTTPS encryption, the service level agreement, the onboarding and type of support(personal/email) and all depends upon the plan you choose.

Worth Having Webapp – Try Review API