Mountain Madness – Carve Downhill to Escape the Avalanche

by | Oct 7, 2019 | General Apps | 0 comments

Howmany of you loved the animated pingu series in your childhood? The series featured a penguin and his family living in the polar region. Penguins are loved for their cuteness as they flap their wings when they walk. That is something common about a penguin. How about a skiing penguin? That would be more fascinating right? Yes, in the app mountain madness, you will see the penguin that skies.

Offered by JaffaJam, the game Mountain Madness falls under the casual category in the Play Store. The concept of the app Mountain Madness is you being the penguin, who must escape from the avalanche that happens. You have to make use of the skaters to find your way through and reach the target line to finish. The game looks easier but it gets harder as you move higher levels.

The game control is to move your thumb finger at the bottom of the screen for a downhill carve. On the way, you can collect as much treasure boxes as you can to get gold coins. You must be aware of the trees that stand tall. Make sure not to hit them so that you do not lose life. You may come across other skiers on the slopes and you would have to go around in a slow motion to avoid hitting them. Busy roads, steep hills and other multiple terrains are the other challenging obstacles that you face on your way ahead.

As you progress through the game you can unlock more rewards, equipmentand other different characters. The closer you get to the obstacles and make a near miss, you get rewarded more. I love the way the penguin finds his way across the ice mountain to reach the finish line. When you crash on a tree and get blown away you could hear a clink sound, that is so nice.

The game controls are good and the graphics is simply superb. There are in-app purchases on Mountain Madness to unlock different characters featuring the fox, chicken, bear, panda and lot more. You can also unlock skis and snowboards and choose for a ad free version of the game by making a purchase. The sound effects and the background music can be either turned on/off whenever you prefer. You can also share the game fun to your close buddies on social media.

Rated 3+, Mountain Madness is suitable for people of all ages and will definitely keep you entertained for hours together. The iOS version of the app is also available.