Smart Health Care Protector: Best Health Care 2020

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One benefit of maintaining a good hygiene is getting a better health. Keeping your body and surrounding clean and hygiene helps prevent illness and any infection you can get from bacteria and viruses. A simple act of washing hands regularly is an effective way of keeping germs and viruses from spreading. Knowing your surroundings and what every product on your kitchen shelf is capable of doing helps a lot. Poor hygiene is the one reason why you get ill often. It also affects a person’s mood and behaviour. A good personal care means a good personal hygiene.

Developed by:

Smart Health Care Protector: Best Health Care 2020’ app was developed and offered for free by | lek. dent. Marcin Krufczyk.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Smart Health Care Protector: Best Health Care 2020’ app on to your smart phone or other similar devices. Now open the app and start learning all about how to keep yourself hygiene and maintain it. You can learn how to thoroughly clean your hands with step by step procedures for free. The app also gives you an update on people near your locality who have fever or other unusual symptoms. Using this app you can be safe when you go out in public like parks, supermarkets, hotels or malls as this app uses GPS to find out about people who are sick near your vicinity.

Features of the app:

Smart Health Care Protector: Best Health Care 2020’ app has many alluring features which are listed here.

  • User friendly
  • Highly helpful during pandemic
  • You can spot people with unusual symptoms of cold, cough or fever near you.
  • Gives tips on how to use natural items for any medical emergency

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