Create a Free and Secure Private Network with ShazzleChat

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Ever wanted to protect your message and private files from others snooping? There may be many platforms for chat but all of them do not protect your messages. There is always a high chance that your messages and files are being confiscated by third parties. To prevent this risk of losing your confidential information, you can use the app called ShazzleChat.

What is ShazzleChat?

ShazzleChat is a communication app that comes with no servers, no web and it is always secured. It is the only app with true privacy and it never gets into your data. People will not be able to spy on what they will not be able to see as it works on a phone-to-phone web privacy with nothing in between.

Working of ShazzleChat:

Just download the app and enter your mobile number. You will receive an OTP, just enter it and start using. The app allows you to create a profile with the phone number and email.

ShazzleChat works on an end-to-end encryption protocol and no one can listen to your conversations. The team will not have any influence over your chat and media. Everything remains only with the sender and the recipient. Nobody else can tap over your private communication network. Once you install, all the contacts in your phone can be invited through an SMS to join ShazzleChat. Then it’s done, you can have private communication with your personal and business peers.

Special features of the app:

The app comes with many awesome and unique features. It has a passcode lock for the app which comes as an additional layer of security. ShazzleChat allows you to create groups with multiple people and send messages to them. It can be a group of family, friends, colleagues or your subordinates. This is more useful as it enables you to categorise your groups based on different uses. It assists you to share your audio or video files and they come with the facilities to set a timer that is self-destructive. When you use the timer to media files that you share with someone else, you can see that the information does not stay on their phone for a longer period.

ShazzleChat is completely free for download and it can be used by both Android and iOS users. The team can be contacted through when you want any queries to be answered or give your feedback.

When you want to take things under control and decide on what you want to share and what you need to keep it to yourself, ShazzleChat would be the ultimate choice. 

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