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During this 21st century in which we all are living, the Internet has changed a lot in our lives. We may or may not realise it, but it has boomed out as a boon for us. We are surrounded by smart devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, Laptops, and many other electronic devices all the time. I personally feel that I have become a slave of these devices. But, at the same time I realise that they are advantageous for us too. You can get anything that you imagine or what you can’t imagine using the latest technology. You can access every information using these electronic gadgets in the cheapest and easiest way. However, everything has two aspects, these gadgets are also spoiling our kids and adults. They are addicted to mobile phones and their social media accounts, and many more things.

Today, the children are stubborn and there is no other option to give them Smartphones for their safety as well! But, we can monitor their activities and handle them with care and smartness. All of us should have a remote from which we can get access to their accounts and plan their activities. Especially, when the parents are working and the kids are alone at home. We need to track them if they run outside to meet friends or anyone kidnaps them. It’s very necessary to install a GPS tracker in their phones to track them. So here is something for you!

I’m talking about the app called Spy Phone ® Phone Tracker that has been developed by Spy Phone Labs, LLC. To begin with, you need to install the app on your device as well as your family members’ devices. The app requires iOS 11.2 or any later versions of the Operating System on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It allows anybody in your family to check in with their GPS location to your control panel where the GPS data is stored and you can view data. No one can lie to you now and you can see the results very easily on the map offered by the app.

You can check your kid’s movement and to whom they met and where! The app copies their contacts and stores in your device too. All the data is available for 24/7 to you when you Login. You can view GPS info on up to 5 different devices in your control panel there. In case your phone has been lost, you can also find it out and locate the Phone. There are various functions of the app such as send sound to phone, low battery, GPS send and lost phone message functions. If you are in some trouble and gone somewhere outside, you can also press the panic button available on the app.

Overall, it’s a great tool for parents or your family to at least track the movement of persons and find their location, so that they don’t end up doing anything wrong by mistake or nobody does anything wrong to them also.

Get the app now. It’s available for free on the iTunes Store.

Pros: neatly designed dashboard; monitor and track their movements; help immediately; panic button for kids; free to use.

Cons: none.

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