SOS Method : Meditation and Mindfulness – The Power of Mindfulness In The Palm of Your Hands

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Meditation can greatly pave way to a number of problems like helping you reduce your stress levels, chronic pains like BP, headache and lot more. It can also help people quit smoking and drinking and also get cured from innumerable problematic health conditions.

Meditating sounds simple, but actually it takes a lot of guidance and effort when you want to set yourself on a regular course of meditation. Well, you can’t just sit and make it work your way unless you have a proper teacher. In this fast paced world, it is difficult for us to find someone to help us with this. Putting this situation into consideration, the SOS Method Inc, has come up with an app last updated on April 17, 2019: SOS Method – Meditation and Mindfulness.

Coming under the Health and Fitness category, the app helps you anytime, anywhere by giving the power of mindfulness in your hands. An app? Do I have to pay for this one? Is this the best and easy one to use? Will it really workout? These might be some among the many questions that come up to your mind. Just relax. Once u begin using SOS Method: Meditation and Mindfulness you will understand that it is a great boon to have it in your pocket.

The app is so vibrant and aesthetic. All you have to do is to provide an Email address to make use of the app. It has four individual sections to help you out. With the Home column, you can see all your latest activities with the app. The Meditation column has videos varying from 5 to 11 minutes, to help relax your body and mind. Wondering what could be there in a video of just a few minutes? The creator has proven results that these sessions of mindfulness have had a more positive impact on the lives of many people. With a team of more than 10 years of experience in the field, testing with individuals all ages groups, culture and circumstances.

The tools column of the app has many things to aid you in managing your life problems like negativity, love issues, past hurt and upset and a lot more. Using the profile column, one can create their very own profile, earn different badges, invite friends and do a lot more.

The app is free of cost but comes with many in-app purchases.

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