Surfing the FYSH Wave: A Fresh Look at Freelancing

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Android App | 0 comments

If you’re a freelancer looking to get ahead, check out FYSH, a rapidly growing app changing the freelancer economy for the better. 

A breeze to download from iOS or Google Play, FYSH provides you with a place to find work no matter whether you offer in-person services or digital. For those who have their own interesting projects going on, the platform makes it incredibly easy to find top-tier talent, whether you need a plumber or a pastry chef. 

Discoverability is something that other freelance apps struggle to provide. The ‘FYSH of the day’ provides tailored recommendations for you. As a freelancer you’ll be shown exciting work briefs, while the app will recommend amazing talent to you if you’re looking to hire. 

The additional tasks – on top of work – that come with freelancing such as organizing, invoicing, managing payments – it’s a lot. With FYSH, they provide a whole suite of tools to make that easy. No need to download additional apps, you can invoice, collect payments, schedule appointments and even plan your route for the day all from within the app. 

Bonus? They don’t dip deep into your earnings with exorbitant fees.

The true game-changer is the app’s duality. Some days you’re scouting for a jazz singer, other days you’re a photographer for someone else’s event. In essence, FYSH is a must-have whether you’re job-hunting or headhunting. 
Go and see what all the hype is about. Download FYSH on iOS or Google Play now!