Thinking About Socializing? Choose Toodls

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Making new friends become difficult when you grow up. There are many apps that help you socialize and make friends. With the assistance of technology, you will be able to make more friends in your community as well as elsewhere in the globe. Toodls help you to get new friends and also stay connected with your old friends and family.

Both the iOS and Android users can download Toodls from the App Store and the Play Store for free. The app comes with many features in the free plan and has a premium plan that comes for $9.99 for one year. It asks you to give in a few details when you sign up. You just have to enter the name, DOB, your photo and other personal info so that you can choose and let others choose whom they want to become friends with.

Using Toodls, you can create events of all sorts like dining, health, business, sports, etc and form other activities with ideas you can come up with. It helps you to stay connected with your kith and kin even at times where social distancing becomes a priority. It helps by allowing you to create online events. You can also form in-person events when you can connect socially.

The app gives you the power to control the events you host. Hosts have options to create a public or a private event. You can organize a private event where you can host and invite the guests of your preference to that. For example, you can host events for mothers, entrepreneurs, etc. With Toodls, you can organise a public event and invite all the participants to this. If you are the host of an event, you can choose to approve the participants for the event.

With Toodls, it is very easy for you to locate all the events that are happening nearby, find the number of spots available and those that have been filled. It gives intricate details about the type of the event, its host, date and time and a lot more. When you want to attend an event, it can be done just by clicking an event and choosing the ‘Join Event’ button.

When it comes to privacy, Toodls completely protects your data and only you can choose who gets to see your details. Using this, you can be rest assured that your data is not compromised by any other users or third parties. Moreover, the company doesn’t display any ads as well and this is something that gives us relief as we don’t have the trouble of swiping ads often.

With Toodls, Socializing becomes a whole lot better even at times like these. Download the app today and start gathering more friends.

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