Visual Physics: IIT JEE, NEET

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Learn the world, then teach yourself to teach others

Visual Physics: IIT JEE, NEET is a book which is written in a way that anyone can understand the basic concepts. However, it doesn’t make the difference and if you want to get admission in any of these courses then you have to work hard.

As a student who has taken up this app, I can say that it is helpful in understanding the basics of physics and solving the questions. However, if you want to crack any of these exams then you have to put in a lot of effort.

The book Visual Physics: IIT JEE, NEET provides an understanding of basic concepts such as energy conservation or Newton’s third law without making too much fuss about it. It does not require too much effort from students and also provides them with enough practice problems for practice.
Visual Physics: IIT JEE, NEET – Beat the edge
Everybody can understand the basic concepts and can learn to solve the normal questions, but that doesn’t make the difference in exams like JEE and NEET.

What does make a difference is to be able to understand tougher topics and make sense of concepts in hybrid questions of different topics.

This is where Visual Physics will get you the edge in your learning and rank.

Visual Physics is the most comprehensive animated video course to learn physics and score your best in JEE Main & Advanced Physics, NEET & AIIMS-UG Physics.

Visual Physics can teach you concepts in minimum time.Then you can learn how to apply concepts with solution of different types of problems and then to solving other problems yourself.

Once you complete a chapter with Visual Physics, you will be able to solve more than 95% questions from any book on your own.


  • 500+ Short Conceptual Videos with powerful visualisation for crystal-clear understanding of JEE and NEET physics.
  • Thorough and in-depth discussion of each and every topic in short time, needed for JEE Advanced, AIIMS.
  • Points of confusion explained beforehand, which you might get while solving JEE and NEET level questions.
  • Hard-hitting questions to challenge your conceptual understanding and fill the conceptual gaps.
  • 3500+ Problems with videos and text solution with increasing difficulty-wise structure to help you learn where to apply which concept.
  • Visual Tricks to solve problems faster.
  • Access Videos Offline, Learn without online distractions (*Internet connection once in a week will be required).

Take Away

I am a student of IIT JEE, NEET and Visual Physics: IIT JEE, NEET has been my best companion. It has helped me learn concepts in minimum time. The solutions given by Visual Physics: IIT JEE, NEET are very helpful for understanding the concept as well as solving different types of problems.