5 Things You Never Knew About AR_Book

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The AR_Book App Is an Interactive Learning Aid for Children. Would you like a free tutor for your child’s studies? Are you hoping for your children to have an easy time doing their homework and learning essential skills? How would you wish for your child to be interested in math, physics, or chemistry?

Most school subjects with practicals and experiments are now available in AR Book, the most inventive personalized app for interactive learning. A topic study has never been more enjoyable!

How Do I Use the AR Book App?

The AR_Book app was designed to put students’ knowledge into practice. This is an engaging lab right at your fingertips.

The app is a creative platform that combines top practicals from core lessons in the school’s education programs. It is a clever way to connect learning and Entertainment because what could be more engaging for students than to manage experiments on their phones and put their classroom knowledge to the test?

The apps are available from AppStore or Google Play. After setup, parents can set up a personal account for a student or themselves to inspect the child’s academic progress online and offline.

Select the subject you need. The app will access a list of available experiments and assignments for home study. For example, for physics, there are plenty of experiments that have an interactive nature, supplemented by visual display and knowledge acquisition. Then after, the student can take the test for verification of knowledge.

Many other subjects also correlate to the materials of textbooks sanctioned in Ukrainian schools. Consequently, your child can quickly master tasks and methods of basic disciplines at home.

Benefits of AR_Book for Children

All educational syllabuses in AR_Book are created and focused on interactivity and augmented reality; learning from them is fascinating. Setting up a laboratory to conduct experiments and answer children’s questions is optional. Every detail has already been incorporated into the application algorithms.

Every practical task has a visual explanation that demonstrates the main principle of action, making learning more accessible and enjoyable for the child. Each student can keep their own collection of accomplishments thanks to the tests built into the application. The app works both online and offline.

Children are taught logic and the method quickly. But the fun and personalized learning won’t stop with AR_Book. New tasks, both personalized and general, appear in the application regularly. The child is given nearly limitless opportunities.

Creative content in the following subjects is immensely available for teaching and utilized in the app: Geometry, Algebra and Physics, Chemistry, General Mathematics, Geography, Biology, and Astronomy. A specialized integrated online encyclopedia with 3D kind of models of many kinds of animals allows children to gain technical knowledge about animals and dinosaurs. AR_Book also includes physical exercises created in collaboration with well-known presenter Oleksandr Pedan for general physical development.

Merits of AR_Book for Parents and Teachers

It was evident that such a visual synopsis has numerous benefits for children. How about the parents? Utilizing AR Book aims to simplify complex topics as much as possible and free up parents’ TimeTime spent on homework. Furthermore, it is safe and convenient because all experiments take place in the relevant Internet space or offline utilizing augmented reality technology.

Intriguing and Productive Study of Practical Tasks with AR Book is a Reality. Online education is simple and free with the AR_Book app. The most exciting educational methods, programs, and studies in exact sciences and physical education are already on the horizon.

Final Words

AR_Book app is the qualitative ecosystem that adeptly measures the effectiveness of lessons for schools, teachers, students, and parents. You can meet AR Book and AR Teacher.