KoolStories: micro-learning

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KoolStories is the world’s first eLearning platform where you are not schooled but inspired through bite-sized content. It is a free, self-paced and open source platform that helps you learn anything from scratch.

KoolStories has been designed to help people learn anything, anywhere, anytime. With KoolStories, there is no need for lectures or textbooks as the platform provides bite-sized content and interactive quizzes to make learning fun and easy.

KoolStories was created by a team of educators who understood how hard it was for people to learn new things on their own. The team wanted to break the traditional model of learning by making it fun and engaging so that people can learn from any device at any time without getting bored or discouraged

Start learning for free on the world’s first eLearning platform where you are not schooled but inspired through bite-sized content and mini-courses. This platform provides a convenient way to learn skills in digital design, drawing, photography, meditation and more.

Thanks to our super-short, bite-sized content that’s perfect for busy schedules, we have integrated an engagement factor into our company. The more engaged that you are, the better the learning experience becomes and you finally browse content guilt free!

You can enjoy most of the learning experience on this platform for free or you can buy a course to get cutting-edge knowledge. Either way, it’s worth the price of a latte! It’s available on Android so download it now!

What makes this learning experience unique?

SNIPTS:1-minute bite-size engaging learning content. (Just like Reels but actually valuable).

MINI-COURSES:Learn a new skill anytime, anywhere through 15mins lessons created by experienced creators.

DISCUSSIONS:Discuss ideas, share progress and upskill with like-minded learners.

QUIZ:Practice what you learn in a minute, and share your progress.

What skills can you learn?

DIGITAL DESIGN:Illustration, 3D design, Graphic design, UI/UX design, Motion design.

LIFESTYLE:Yoga, Meditation, Health & Wellness.

CREATIVE:Videography, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Singing.

SOFT SKILLS:Problem-solving, Emotional Intelligence, Storytelling, Mental Health, Management and communication and much more coming soon!


Join us in this journey, exchange the time you waste each day, on other social networks, with upskilling time, and together we will build the future of education.

Live curious, live passionate, live KoolStories!

For any questions or ideas, get in touch with us. We would be happy to get your feedback, especially if it contributes to building the future of upskilling.

Take Away

I’ve been following KoolStories for years and I love the content they create. They cover a wide variety of topics from creativity to productivity. They have an amazing community that is always willing to help you out if you need it too! KoolStories: micro-learning is a great way to learn new skills, refresh your knowledge, and even brush up on old ones. I found it very helpful for my business. It’s a great way to get your learning done without the hassle of school!