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Within the game you can play puzzles and complete quests. The package you are given contains 50 puzzles, which range from topics such as kinds of chocolate, animals and cars to things such as European cities and computer parts, with the option to unlock further packages. There are a wide range of topics to choose from, and as the puzzles do not have to be completed in order you can choose to play those that interest you the most rather than having to complete them in order to get to the next one. There are 3 quests which involve challenges such as completing one, two or three puzzles in a certain time limit.

At the beginning of the game you are given 800 coins, and all your puzzles have no ratings or recorded times. As you play the puzzles you get ratings for each one, out of 5 golden stars. The puzzles are word searches, each with 10 words for you to find. A timer at the top of the screen counts how long it takes you to complete each puzzle and once it is completed your time is recorded as your ‘best time’, which you will have the option to improve upon by playing this puzzle again. The ratings for each puzzle get higher the faster it is completed, especially if you improve upon your ‘best time’.


Advantages: there are a large amount of puzzles to complete on a range of varied topics, which do not have to be completed in order so you can choose to complete any puzzle at any time and redo puzzles at your will. The layout of the game is easy to use, with easy location of the amount of coins you possess and how much time the puzzle has taken. The letters are displayed and spread out clearly so that words are easy to find, and the app responds well to the finger touch dragging across the letters to spell and find a word. Words are obviously marked once found, and overall this is a fun and easy game which is simple to use to play word searches.

Disadvantages: the app appears to have a few technical glitches. Upon starting the game there are no instructions, and there are none in the ‘settings’ menu to refer back to. Though the game is easy to work out in terms of playing the word searches, a number of things are not explained. For example, 800 coins are given at the beginning of the game but completing puzzles and quests does not appear to raise this amount. Instead coins can be purchased in packages ranging from £0.79 to £7.99 – however we are not informed what the coins are used for or whether they are needed to unlock more puzzles. The app also does not detect when puzzles are completed and remains at 0/50 puzzles completed, so progress within the game is not tracked which could potentially effect the unlocking of further puzzle packages.

The game is still enjoyable and playable with these mild technical issues, yet requires further development.