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Pull-Ups professionally presents the smartest potty timer ever. Time to Potty is the only timer which assists your child learn the key importance of taking regular potty breaks by automatically adjusting based on their progress.

Apart from this you could make potty training even more fun with unlockable celebration games featuring your favorite disney friends. In addition Time to Potty takes the guesswork out of potty training, and assist your child learn to take regular potty breaks. It is also revealed that the smart timer efficiently adjusts the time between potty breaks based on your child’s progress.

Every time users take a potty break, it is also possible to get celebrate with one of over 40 unlockable mini-games. Many of the games feature your child’s favorite Disney friends. One could easily track the progress.

There are weekly reports which allow you know how things are going every step of the way with tips, tools and special offers. There is no problem where you are on your potty training journey, Time to Potty is best app which is right there with you. You could view how many potty breaks you took with your child. One could easily track child’s progress week after week. It is also possible to attain apt previews of upcoming celebration games.


It is so easy to set up a profile for your child, allow the app know when your child goes, and Time to Potty takes care of the rest. The timer naturally adjusts the time between breaks based on your input. There is no other potty timer learns your child‘s habits and reinforces learning with fun. It also offers rewarding celebration game that you and your child can enjoy together every moment of time. Moreover starting and sticking to successful potty training routine has never been so simpler.

The users could also celebrate every trip to the potty with games namely as Minnie’s Cake where you move your finger around the screen to assist Minnie mouse decorate a delicious cake. There is also popular game called Mickey’s mix-Up where you could tap all the pieces of this quick puzzle to put Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse back together again. With Over The Moon game one could easily move their finger around the screen to color the cow and send her over the moon. You can also play Doc McStuffin’s music machine where it is easy to tap the different sounds to make a tune with Doc.